Who would want concrete countertops?
Concrete countertops are the most unique, personal countertop option because they are made from scratch for each client.  To determine whether concrete is right for you, think about whether you believe that:
  • you want something unique and personalized 
  • you want something that looks natural and has character  
  • you appreciate high-crafted items
  • you think granite is too shiny, too formal, too common
  • you think synthetic solid surface materiais look and feel like plastic
  • you need a color or visual texture that's not available with other countertops materials 
What are the advantages and disadvantages of concrete compared to other countertop materials?
Concrete​'s biggest advantage is that it is completely custom. Your countertop will be unique to you and highly personalized.

​Concrete is extremely versatile.  It can enhance any style, from French Country to Contemporary.  From Arts and Crafts to Industrial.  From Traditional to Modern.  The possibilities are endless.

M​odern Edge sealer provides a surface that is extremely stain-resistant and low-maintenance.  Common food items will not stain it.  The sealer does not degrade, and therefore does not need to to be reapplied every year like other sealers.  The sealer also exhibits great heat resistance.  You can put hot pans on the counters, but it is best to use hot pads or trivet to avoid scorching the sealer over time.

We believe that this is an advantage.  Concrete countertops are hand made and hand finished.  Since concrete is a mixture of many different ingredients,subtle variations in color, shade, texture and overall appearance should be expected.  All concrete is susceptible to harmless hairline cracks.  They will sometimes appear months or years afters installation, and are generally a result of seasonal movement of the cabinets and the house itself.  These should be considered part of the aesthetic charm of concrete, and not a defect.  Concrete exhibits natural beauty rather then plastic perfection.
​Concrete countertops actually behave similar to granite and marble in this regard.  Granite countertops are also porous and have to be sealed and maintained.  Most people don't realize this, because granite is usually too dark and patterned to show stains.  Food, acids and oil will stain your countertop if not wiped up immediately, but if left on for a longer period of time, they will cause only a light spot whose appearance can be minimzed with a touch-up kit.
W​hile the sealer is very durable, it is possible to scratch it.  For example, in kitchens, you should use cutting boards on concrete countertops.
Lead Time:
Concrete countertops are a long lead time item.  It can take approximately 2 to 3​ weeks to fabricate a custom concrete countertop: however a more detailed design could take longer. 
Where can I use concrete countertops in my designs?
Anywhere !  Concrete is the most versatile, unique, customizable countertop material.
~Concrete countertops are great for kitchens, bathrooms, fieplace surrounds, tables, desks and anywhere else countertops are required.​
~Concrete countertops must be at least 1.5​" thick.  We can also make thicker countertops as well as fabricate frout edge returns up to 6" deep.
~Concrete can also be used in vertical applications such as backsplashes, shower surrounds and fireplace surrounds.
~​Intergral and vessel sinks are possible with concrete also
~With concrete the possibilites are endless everything from tables and chairs to outdoor planters and grilltops.​​

~Concrete countertops can be used indoors and outdoors
​​~Concrete floor staining for indoors and outdoors is growing in popularity as well.
What color are available?
Any color you want ! Modern Edge Concrete has approximatly 20 standard colors to choose from but we can customize to match your decor.  Any color can be produced in a solid, speckled or variegated patterm,or you can specify embedded stone, glass or other objects to further enhance your design.
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What edges are available?
 Concrete edging is formed and cast rather than cut like granite or solid surface, therefore, edge choices depend on the availablity of approprate trim mouldings.  Modern Edge can do beveled, concave,dental mold and many other custom edges.  The edging can be on the top or bottom of the countertop.  Bullnose edging is available for 2" thick countertop edges.
 What kind of sinks can be used with concrete countertops?
Our concrete countertops can accommodate all types of sinks including drop-in, undermount and apron front.  The minimum lip of concrete around all sides of a sink is 3".  Concrete can also accommodate drop-in cooktops.  The minimum lip of concrete in the front of a cooktop is 3"; we recommend 3" for the back also, but 2" will suffice.

Most any shape sink can be used in a concrete countertop including integral concrete sinks.  An excellant choice for an intregal concrete sink would be a bathroom vanity, we don't however, recommend it for a kitchen countertop.  Kitchen sinks are much deeper and would out large stresses on the concrete and have high potential for cracking.

Vessel sinks are also very possible and with a concrete vessel sinks it can be just about any color or shape.
 What about backsplashes?
Backsplashes are cast and finished separately and deck mounted after the countertops are installed.  Backsplashes are nominally 1 inch thick and can be 3 inches to full height.  Outlet openings are cast in and not cut on site.
Will concrete countertops stain?
 Bare countertops are very porous and will stain.  All countertops are sealed to prevent staining, the degree to which these sealers works can vary.  Wax and penetrating acrylic sealers are the most commonly used.  These are both inexpensive and easy to apply:however neither offer a significant stain or heat resistance and require frequent reapplication to prevent the formation of a patina.
 If  you want unique
​ think Modern Edge Concrete!
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