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If You Want Unique, Think Modern Edge Concrete

Modern Edge Concrete is here to answer any and all questions you have about our concrete products in Jackson, TN. No matter what type of project you are thinking about having done, our team of concrete professionals is ready to make your design dreams a reality. Our professionals have years of experience working with concrete and creating numerous unique concrete products. Our services are comprehensive and include aftercare advice for as long as your new concrete product lives. We believe in customer satisfaction which is why we are dedicated to supporting our products. With our one-year warranties, you can be sure that you are getting quality products that are built to last.


The Magic of Our Custom Concrete Products

Modern Edge Concrete creates custom-made concrete pieces specifically for you. No matter what style or type of concrete piece you are looking for, our concrete artisans can accommodate you. After answering all of your questions about our concrete products, we hope that you will be fully invested in venturing out into the unique world that is concrete. We strongly believe in our products and our services which is why we back them up with a one-year warranty, and we provide support for the lifetime of your new concrete product. If you have any more questions, we are happy to answer them. Contact us today for a quote on your next concrete project.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, we do not do estimates over the phone. All of our quotes are done through emails using specs and drawings provided by the homeowner, architect, designer, or contractor.

Artisan concrete services generally run anywhere between $100-$200 per square foot, depending on the selected style, design, and application of your project.

Concrete countertops are the most unique personal countertop option because they are customized based on our client’s needs. To determine whether concrete is right for you, think about whether:

  • You want something unique and personalized.
  • You want something that looks natural and has character.
  • You appreciate high-crafted items.
  • You think granite is too shiny, too formal, too common.
  • You think synthetic solid surface materials look and feel like plastic.
  • You need a color or visual texture that is not available with other countertop materials.


  • Custom — Concrete’s biggest advantage is that it is completely custom. Your countertop will be unique to you and highly personalized.
  • Versatile — Concrete is extremely versatile. It can enhance any style from French Country to Contemporary, from Arts and Crafts to Industrial, and from Traditional to Modern. The possibilities are endless.
  • Practical — Modern edge sealer provides a surface that is extremely stain-resistant and low-maintenance. Common food items will not stain it. The sealer does not degrade and therefore does not need to be reapplied every year like other sealers. The sealer also exhibits excellent heat resistance. You can put hot pans on the counters, but using hot pads or trivets is best to avoid scorching the sealer over time.
  • Imperfections — We believe that this is an advantage. Concrete countertops are handmade and hand-finished. Since concrete is a mixture of many different ingredients, subtle variations in color, shade, texture, and overall appearance should be expected. All concrete is susceptible to harmless hairline cracks. They will sometimes appear months or years after installation and are generally a result of seasonal movement of the cabinets and the house itself. These should be considered part of the aesthetic charm of concrete and not a defect. Concrete exhibits natural beauty rather than plastic perfection.


  • Staining — Concrete countertops actually behave similarly to granite and marble in this regard. Granite countertops are also porous and have to be sealed and maintained. Most people don’t realize this because granite is usually too dark and patterned to show stains. Food, acids, and oil will stain your countertop if not wiped up immediately, but if left on for a more extended period of time, they will cause only a light spot whose appearance can be minimized with a touch-up kit.
  • Scratching — While the sealer is very durable, it is possible to scratch it. For example, in kitchens, you should use cutting boards on concrete countertops.
  • Lead Time — Concrete countertops are a long lead time item. It can take approximately 2 to 3​ weeks to fabricate a custom concrete countertop. However, a more detailed design could take longer.

Anywhere! Concrete is the most versatile, unique, customizable countertop material.

  • Concrete countertops are great for kitchens, bathrooms, fireplace surrounds, tables, desks, and anywhere else countertops are required.
  • Our experts can fabricate the front and side aprons of concrete countertops to any length.
  • Concrete can also be used in vertical applications such as backsplashes, shower surrounds, and fireplace surrounds.
  • Integral and vessel sinks are possible with concrete.
  • With concrete, the possibilities are endless. Everything from tables and chairs to outdoor planters and grill tops can be made with concrete.
  • Concrete countertops can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Modern Edge Concrete uses standard eased edges. We can also do a custom chamfered broken stone edge, or a hand-carved edge for an additional cost.

Modern Edge Concrete has approximately 12 core natural or tone colors to choose from, but we can, in some instances, customize them to match your décor. Any color can be produced in a smooth or stone finish. You can use glass or other objects to enhance your terrazzo look.

Our concrete countertops can accommodate all types of sinks. Drop-in, undermount, farm sinks, cast iron sinks, and apron front can all be fabricated to fit underneath our countertops. The minimum lip of concrete around all sides of a sink is 3″. Concrete can also accommodate drop-in cooktops. The minimum lip of concrete in the front of a cooktop is 3″; we recommend 3″ for the back also, but 2″ will suffice.

Most any shape sink can be used in a concrete countertop, including integral concrete sinks. An excellent choice for an integral concrete sink would be a bathroom vanity. We don’t, however, recommend it for a kitchen countertop. Kitchen sinks are much deeper and would put significant stress on the concrete and create a high potential for cracking. We do not recommend concrete sinks in the kitchen because this is a high-traffic area where pots/pans and hard water can potentially cause erosion and damage over time that cannot be repaired.

Vessel sinks are also very possible, and concrete vessel sinks can be just about any color or shape.

Backsplashes are cast and finished separately, and deck mounted after the countertops are installed. Backsplashes are normally ¾” thick to 1″ thick and can be three inches to full height. Outlet openings are cast in and not cut on site.

Bare countertops are very porous and will stain. All countertops are sealed to prevent staining, the degree to which these sealers work can vary. Wax and penetrating acrylic sealers are the most commonly used. These are both inexpensive and easy to apply. However, neither offers a significant stain or heat resistance and requires frequent reapplication to prevent the formation of a patina. However, Modern Edge Concrete uses a food-grade safe penetrating sealer that is absorbed into the concrete. It allows the concrete to have better protection against spills and other materials that could potentially stain your countertops. Since the sealer is not on the surface, it can still allow temporary marks that will eventually go away. Concrete is a porous material and will absorb moisture; however, the sealer we use will allow the moisture to dissipate eventually.

We are accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB). As part of the BBB, you can trust that our services are safe, effective, and honest. The BBB is a respected non-profit organization that hundreds of businesses across the country are a part of. As part of the Better Business Bureau, you can have peace of mind knowing that all of our services adhere to the BBB accreditation standards.

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Think Concrete, Think Modern Edge!