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Our Sturdy Concrete Products

When you choose us to provide our sturdy concrete products to you in Jackson, TN, you will receive continual maintenance and care advice from our team of experts. Modern Edge Concrete prides itself on the structural integrity and beauty of our products. That is why we offer guidance for caring for your new concrete products and a one-year warranty to back up our services.

living room with concrete coffee table

Support for Concrete Products & Warranties

For the lifetime of our products, we will give technical advice and assistance. We stand behind our products to provide a surface that will withstand normal countertop usage. That is why we additionally offer a one-year structural warranty. This means that during the first year after installation, Modern Edge Concrete, at its sole option, shall repair or replace the product if it fails to maintain functional and structural integrity for the intended purpose of the product solely due to manufacturing defects. This applies only to Modern Edge Concrete products that have been handled, fabricated, installed, and maintained in the manner recommended by Modern Edge Concrete. Hairline cracks, surface scratches, and chips are not included as part of this warranty, nor is structural damage caused by severe impacts or damage stemming from loss of support and/or excessive deflections by the supporting cabinetry or hardware. Modern Edge Concrete shall have sole and final right to determine whether a warranty claim is valid. We are also accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB), so all of our services are performed to those trusted standards, guaranteeing that you are receiving a product that you can count on. No matter what product you receive from us, it is BBB certified.

Maintenance & Care Services

In order for our clients to care for their concrete products effectively, our team has put together a list of maintenance and care advice. We create products that are built to last, and with the proper care, they will. When it comes to caring for your new concrete product, please take into consideration:


Cleaning your new concrete products couldn't be easier. Damp cloths, mild detergents, and other water-based cleansers are all that is needed. Examples include Windex, vinegar and water, Windex with vinegar, and Simple Green and bleach. Abrasive cleaners or scrubbers should not be used. These include Comet, Brillo pads, 3M scrubbing pads, and all similar products.


While durable, both concrete and natural stone are "brittle" materials, as opposed to "elastic" materials. Sharp edges are more susceptible to chipping than rounded edges. Use care with pots and pans around the edges.


Clients should use normal care with respect to water, oil, acids, and food. Spills should be wiped up as soon as possible and immediately for acidic or highly staining agents such as lemon juice, balsamic vinegar, and mustard. While highly resistant to all sorts of chemicals, there is always a chance that something could stain the surface of our concrete products.


As with almost all types of countertop surfaces, you should use trivets. Concrete can microcrack if exposed to high heat, and the concrete is not elastic enough to "absorb" these microcracks. The surface will appear "crazed."

Hairline Cracks

Non-structural hairline cracks are possible and are considered an inherent part of the product, not a manufacturing defect. Hairline cracks can occur at any time during the life of the countertop but are usually not a common occurrence. Hairline cracks are defined as cracks that are generally smaller than ½ mm in width and do not threaten the integrity or stability of the slab nor prevent the continued and normal use of the countertop.


Modern Edge Concrete products are sealed with a factory-applied, high-performance sealer. The sealer does require periodic recoating every 3-5 years, depending on wear. General food preparation should not stain the concrete as long as the coating is maintained. The coating is intended to keep the food away from the concrete itself. Spills should be removed as soon as possible; however, the resistance to oils and normal food items is excellent. You should not cut directly on the countertops. The use of cutting boards is recommended. Knives could potentially pierce the sealer, rendering the counters more susceptible to staining. Additionally, the concrete will severely dull the knife's cutting edge.

Short-Term Care

In the first few months, it is imperative that you wipe up water or any liquids quickly. Within the first few months, the sealer is still curing as it acclimates to your home's climate. At this time, it can be more prone to staining if not cared for and cleaned properly. A light coat of coconut oil once a month for the first few months is a great product to use during this time to protect the countertop from stains. You can also use a light coating of coconut oil once every few months during the life of the piece in order to prevent stains.

Contact Our Concrete Professionals Today

Whether you need advice on how to care for your new product adequately or you think your product may have a manufacturing defect, our team is here to support you. We believe in the products we create, which is why we offer continuous support for as long as you utilize your new concrete product. We guarantee that you will feel cared for from the design of your concrete product to the end of its lifetime. Feel free to contact us at any time with questions or concerns.

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