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  1. Services: Subject to the terms and conditions of this agreement, Modern Edge Concrete agrees to provide services at the property, including but not limited to templating and installation. Minor demolition may be considered on some projects for an additional cost.
  2. Payment & Terms: The Client will pay Modern Edge Concrete the amount agreed upon as stated on the final invoice. An initial nonrefundable payment of 50% of the total amount is due upon signing this agreement in order to secure a spot in line and the remainder is due on the completion of the job. Accounts 10 days past due will void their one-year Warranty.
  3. Preparatory Cleaning: The Client agrees to have the work area reasonably free of unnecessary clutter, debris, etc. prior to the templating process. All cabinets must be set and ready for templates. If the area is not clean a trip charge will be added for a return to the template.
  4. Client Consent: The client hereby grants Modern Edge Concrete, its employees, and suppliers permission to enter upon and use the Property for the purpose of providing requested services beginning on _________and continuing until completed.
  5. Photography & Publicity Release: The Client agrees to allow Modern Edge Concrete to photograph areas of the Property before and after the work is completed and to use all such photographs for reference and marketing purposes. The Client’s name will not be referenced unless requested by the Client.
  6. Disclaimer: Concrete is not a perfect material. The nature of concrete is completely unique to any other material. Each piece is handmade and considered a work of art. No two pieces will look identical. The Client will expect and understand that variations in color and sometimes texture and/or finish are the very essence of concrete.
  7. Overall Scope of the Project: The client, designer, contractor, etc will all agree and sign off on all design elements of the project on the second page of this contract.

MEC will not be held responsible for any damages incurred after installation while the home is still under construction.